Monday, October 16, 2017

Now That's An Egg!!

As you know, the Muscovy gals have been making their daily trek to the barn.
Each morning I find them on the fence by the driveway...

our special Halloween Duckorations
and from there they make their way up through the pasture to the barn.
They snack on the Runner Ducks' food, visit with whomever is cleaning the dry lot,
hang out by the barn, and then fly back to the pond.

This morning we realized they are also doing something else...


in the donkey house!

Check out the size of this egg...

The top egg is a large chicken egg.
The middle is a Runner Duck egg.
The bottom belongs to Ms. Muscovy.
Now that's an egg!

The weather has turned colder...and tonight is to be in the 30's.
I took a few last photos of summer blossoms... soon to be gone.

Dear Friends,
It gives me great joy to share with you, here, the things that make me smile each day.
I try to make this blog easy for you to access...
and so, in the past have written each post in the evening and scheduled it for
publishing in the wee hours of the morning.
Lately we have had some difficulties with publishing on Facebook.
You may have missed us, but we are still here... every Monday through Friday.

If you enjoy visiting the farm, please consider bookmarking this blog for future reference.
I will continue to post it on FB as well, however, if it does not show up there...
you can still find us here.
If you do a Google search for "Bee Haven Acres" will definitely find us.

I love our visits and would hate to think that internet snafu's could prevent them.
Bear with me... I will try to work through this.
I will be posting our stories at the end of each day... when I write them...
instead of using a scheduler to put them out at a specific time.

I also suspect that certain words that I have used in humor have been picked up
by FB's algorithms as potentially malicious.
I can no longer call Ollie and Red by my pet names (that refer to their size).
And the University that the guinea hens are currently attending will not be referenced.
And as for the fact that the minnows are in jeopardy of being eaten by larger fish...
a certain reference to being at a certain position in the food chain...
well, we won't speak of this as well.
Apparently, these were my transgressions.

PS...the guineas are doing quite well since their move...
happily searching for bugs and eating grass in their spacious yard.
Eventually they will free-range... but they are still teenagers...
and at risk for ignoring curfew.


The FaceBook issue persists.
I can no longer publish this blog to FaceBook.
The End.

Halloween Duckorations

Do you like our duckorations?

This post is a test.
I am having some publishing issues... related to FB.
I am trying to fix this issue.
Quite possibly, some changes will be coming to this website.

Autumn With The Littles

It is Sunday night, and I've sat down with photos from the weekend.
I've never known a weekend to speed by so quickly.
We spent the weekend celebrating Autumn with our Littles...
both the four legged and the two legged!

Much of Saturday was spent at a local farm...
Butchers' Family Fun Farm.

This attraction is always the highlight of our autumn...
a day of family fun at the pumpkin patch...

playing in the corn and the hay, 

feeding the animals, getting lost in a corn maze,

and enjoying all sorts of fun activities for all sizes of "littles"!

Even Easton had a great time... although he slept through most of it!

Sunday was spent on our own farm with Tyler and his puppy Chester.

We hiked in the woods, painted Halloween pumpkins, and just enjoyed the simple
pleasures of farm life.

Equipping him with a WiFi-free and App-free, old iPad,
I taught Ty how to take photos and he set off to document his life
in photos and videos.

He had a blast photographing his farm friends and interviewing us
as if we were on TV.
I hope this starts him down the path of life-long enjoyment of photography.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Moving Day

The sun rose yesterday behind a thick, grey blanket of clouds...
clouds that were still heavy with rain.
We had decided that in spite of continued rain...
yesterday was to be moving day.

We've been planning to re-arrange the housing for all of our birds
for weeks now.

We have fewer chickens than we used to, so it was time to move all of the chickens
into one yard... the biggest yard that has a chicken coop on each end.

We moved the few chickens that lived in "West World".
This coop is our western-most coop that was our original turkey house... 8 years ago...
and was home to just a handful of chickens.

Consolidating all of the chickens meant that we could now move the turkeys
back into their old coop, freeing up the coop closest to the barn
to use for the guineas.

Once the chickens were moved, we housecleaned "West World" and got it ready for the turkeys.
Then we housecleaned the coop closest to the barn and got it ready for the guineas.
This coop is without nesting boxes and has plenty of room for roosting.
Guineas tend to lay their eggs "wherever".

The chickens will remain in their yard for a week or so,
until they all realize that these two houses are their forever homes.

Moving the guineas was the hardest part of the day...
these youngsters are quite wild and wildly protested us taking them from their first home.

We persisted, and after dividing them into two loads, 
successfully installed them into their new home...

Birdbrain University... aptly misspelled,
because it is, of course, Birdbrain U.!

The guineas will stay within the confines of their yard and house
until several weeks pass and they identify this as home.
Eventually we will begin to allow them out for free-ranging
and insect-eating.
But for now... school is in session!

Wouldn't you know it:
for years we have been trying to train the turkeys to go back to their house
each evening.
Each evening we end up having to lead them there.
Of course, yesterday, when we were going to move them to a new house,
they finally went home by themselves.

"Not tonight, guys... tonight we are going to a new home!"
I suppose this is how one confuses a turkey!

I accompanied Hubbs on some errands yesterday morning
and had a little time to myself...
so I visited one of my favorite places... an old barn with primitive and antique shops.
The displays were amazing...

And I came home with this happy fellow...

Happy Autumn, friends!!
(Yes, I know...this garden is in need of a good weeding!)

Have a wonderful weekend.
We will be spending our weekend with our "Littles"...
the two-legged littles, that is!
We have lots of fun Autumn activities planned...
we'll share them with you on Monday.

Addendum:  This blog post was pulled by Facebook and not allowed to publish saying that they felt the content was malicious.
Go figure.
Please consider going to the top of this page in the right hand margin and subscribe
to our posts by email.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

What We Do When It Rains

Yesterday was the perfect day for staying indoors.
We received much needed rain...
which slowed everything down.

Some prefer to remain indoors...

Some could care less...
chalk it up to bird brains.

Some avoid it at all cost... except, of course, if food is involved!

Some don't even seem to notice.

You asked how often the horses get groomed.
Generally once a month they get a good "going-over".

This is mostly because they are pasture pets and not working.
If they were working, they would be groomed each time they worked.

But still, on occasion, everyone gets brushed...
manes and tails get combed and hooves get picked clean.

And how do they repay the kindness of a good grooming?

Well, by rolling in the dirt, or mud, or standing in the pouring rain...
to name just a few ways.

I will say, though...
they do enjoy the attention and are all very well behaved for this activity.

You asked about Red and Ollie's personalities.
Ollie is a spitfire most of the time.
He is sweet and lovable, and yet, at the same time,
 he is independent and a bit of a naughty boy... he is often a little cranky...
the result of being an orphan, I believe.

Red, on the other hand is usually sweet.
He does, however have a bit of an impatient streak in him and
thinks nothing of head-butting me whenever I take longer than he thinks I should...
especially when I am haltering him for walking to the pasture.

They may be the smallest, but believe me...
nobody pushes these two around.
They are an inseparable force of nature.

Gardening season is winding down and it's time to think about winterizing the garden.
There are still lots of herbs left to use...
some to dry, some to freeze.

I cut a few handfuls yesterday and brought them in to make
a culinary herb wreath for the kitchen.

There is nothing better than the smell of aromatic herbs.

I wired handfuls of these onto this wreath form with floral wire...

and made a wreath for the pantry door.
It is next to the stove... so it will be handy for cutting herbs for cooking.


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